At the request of the The Beach & East Toronto Historical Society (TBETHS), I recently did a repeat, updated performance of the presentation I had done in October 2019, about the role of the Price family in the early development of Toronto’s Beach district.

Poster for June 1, 2021 Talk about the Price Brothers

Given current pandemic restrictions, of course, the talk was via Zoom, and the recording is now available at the link below:

Many thanks to Glenn Chadwick, Deborah Livingstone-Lowe, Barb Myrvold, Ken Price, Tammy Fenn, Peter Findlay, David Fuller, Gene Domagala, and the directors and members of TBETHS for making the talk the success that it seems to have been.

You can learn a lot more about the history of the Beach on the TBETHS website.

The links and posts below provide more details on some of the things touched on in the talk.

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