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Ted Price to Celebrate his 105th Birthday this Week

Great Moments in Price Family History: August 14, 2021

Joseph Leslie Edmond “Ted” Price, son of Joseph Leslie Price and Ida Blanche Edmonds, will celebrate his 105th birthday in Gravenhurst, Ontario next Saturday, August 14th.

Joe Price and Lizzie Leslie had fourteen grandchildren, and Ted is the only one still with us.

Help Celebrate the Event

Ted’s children recently shared this (and I re-share it here with permission):

Subject: Our Father is turning 105

To celebrate this special day,  emails, cards, & phone calls are welcomed.

NO GIFTS PLEASE at dad’s request. 

 Due to the Corona virus, there will be no gathering  in person for this celebration.

If sometime in the future you would like a visit outside , give Ted a call to arrange a date. All visitors & family have to be fully vaccinated. (2 shots & 2 weeks passed after 2nd one) Covid protocol is to be followed. Thank you.

Dad is amazing and doing well. His love of driving to the Gravenhurst airport frequently with Bev, to watch the activities there and  his  flights  with Ken, are his summer joys,

Lovingly, Wendy, Dianne, Ken & Beverley

I won’t publish Ted’s contact information here, but I’ll be happy to share it with family members. Just send me a message using the Reply section below.

Some Photos (click to enlarge)

Ted in 1937 at the corner of Maclean Avenue and Duart Park Road in the Beach district of Toronto (this is a screen capture from one of the Prices’ home movies, digitized by family member Tammy Fenn)
Ted in 1937 with his late wife, Doris Kathryn “D” Sweeney (this is the original version of the colourized photo at the top of this post)
Ted with family, October 2019

Ted at the controls

Update (August 22, 2021)

Ted’s birthday was commemorated in an article by Sarah Law in yesterday’s Gravenhurst Banner. The article includes some additional photos.

Ted Price trains navigators and bombardiers on the Anson Aircraft at the No. 1 air observer school under the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan in the 1940s


  1. Ron Charad

    Happy belated birthday. We have stayed across from where you live at the Marriott for the last nine or ten years. Enjoy seeing you and the occasional talk. Ron, Tara and our 2 dogs Harley and Mr. Beasley wish you many more.

    • Paul Warner

      Thank you so much, Ron. I’ll pass your best wishes on to my cousin Ted.

  2. Lynda Grice

    Wishing Ted Price a belated Happy Birthday… many good memories of the Price Moore gatherings …I was married to your nephew Leslie Moore (Larry)… my Name is Lynda Grice … I took back my Maiden Name … we have five children … Leslie Moore .. Leanne Forbes.. Laura Gladwish … LAINE Moore & Lindsey Santoli …Happy Birthday Uncle Ted Price ..

  3. Bill Hamilton

    So great to see this. I was a punk kid all of about 12 (now 62) who’s parents (Doug and Nanette Hamilton) had a cottage two bays north on Lk. Muskoka. What do I remember about uncle Ted as I was instructed to call him, Just the coolest guy of my youth. Totally fit (no kidding) beautiful smile, the sweet smell of his pipe and of course the ever present aviators. Ted and Dee the Robert’s and the McCreath’s having late dinner’s at our cottage (and yours) many drinks, cazy amount of laughing, then the instrument would break out typically lead by Alley Robert’s. I wish very a very, very Happy Birthday sir. You’ve left an
    impression. Bill Hamilton

    • Paul Warner

      Thank you for this lovely tribute to my cousin Ted. I don’t check the site very often and, unfortunately, the system doesn’t notify me when we get a comment. I’ll try to do better in future! 😉

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