And We’re Hoping You Can Help Make the Site Even Better

I’ve recently added a lot of information to the Price family tree, and I think you might find it worth taking a look, and maybe even getting involved.

Our Mission

It’s been almost a year and a half since this website came to exist, and so far it seems to have had at least some success in its mission “to research, preserve, and share the Price family’s history, stories, documents and pictures, and to bring Joe and Lizzie’s living descendants together.” My hope is, that by continually adding more family information, I can make the site even more useful for my many Price cousins.

The website has two parts.

1. Read the Posts

The most visible of the two is the series of posts that appear on the home page. They tell stories and share events, information, and research that I believe might be interesting to family members. I’ve just recently published the first post in a series that I’m calling “Great moments in Price family history.” I have many such moments to share with you, so I’m hoping it will become a longstanding feature.

2. Consult the Family Tree

The second part of the website is the family tree. It provides genealogical and biographical information for every Price family member, living or dead, that I have been able to identify. Every single family member has a webpage.

Because of privacy rights concerns, the pages for living family members are only available to family or friends who register and are approved. Here is my page, for example. If you aren’t registered, you won’t be able to see it.

The same privacy rights don’t apply to family members who have died, and so anyone can see their pages. Here is my dad’s page, for example.

You might want to start by checking out your own page. You’ll need to be registered to do that. Or go to your parents’ or grandparents’ pages, if they have passed on.

Disclosure: I have directed most of my efforts to the family members who are no longer with us. Every one of them now has a page with at least their basic biographical information. The next step is going to be working on the pages of living family. Most of their pages are still empty or under construction.

And Finally, We Want Your Feedback

The more that family members participate, the better this website will become.

As a family member, you have all kinds of information about your branch of the family that is unknown to the rest of us.

Please share what you know, or let us know what you think, by using the “Leave a Reply” section at the bottom of each post or page.