This site is about the family and descendants of Joe Price (1860-1934) and his wife Lizzie Leslie (1862-1917).

Its mission is to research, preserve, and share the Price family’s history, stories, documents and pictures, and to bring Joe and Lizzie’s living descendants together.

Joe and Lizzie were among the pioneers of what is known as the Beach district in Toronto’s east end, and they were each exceptional in their own way. He was a self-made business tycoon and philanthropist. She was a concert soloist who raised five children to Victorian standards.

Joe was a phenomenal business man, who parlayed his sign-painting skills into a Canada-wide advertising business and then went on, in his second career, to found one of the most important construction and real estate companies in Toronto. He was also a community leader, philanthropist, and one of the founders of Toronto East General Hospital.

Lizzie did all the things that a mother of five was expected to do in the last decade of the nineteenth century and the first decade of the twentieth. In her spare time, she managed to become a celebrated concert musician whose cornet solos were the talk of the city.

You can find stories about the family, most of them illustrated, some of them entertaining. What I hope to do is to build a narrative history of these fascinating people.

Here is where you can access the family tree, to learn about Joe and Lizzie’s children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren: who we are and a little of what we’ve done as a family.

To get started, you might want to go here, to understand the important role that Joe, with his sons Leslie and Earl, played in the early development of the Beach.

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Joe and Lizzie’s Family

Photo of Price family in a 1911 Russell Motor Car
Left to right: Joe, Lizzie, Leslie, Earl, and Hazel (Earl’s wife or wife-to-be) in the family’s Toronto-built Russell motor car in a photo taken about 1915.


Helen Elizabeth "Lizzie" Leslie with her Cornet
Helen Elizabeth Price (Lizzie Leslie) with her cornet in the 1890s

Learn more about Lizzie


Joseph and Helen Price
Joe Price with his daughter Helen, in front of their house at 242 Glen Manor

Learn more about Joe

Joe and Lizzie had three daughters (Pearl, Helen and Frances) and two sons (Leslie and Earl). You can learn more about them using the links below.


A Young Pearl Price
Flora Pearl Price, known as “Pearl,” Joe and Lizzie’s eldest child and wife of Alexander Henderson Lowden, in a photo that was probably taken around the time of her marriage in 1908.

Learn more about Pearl


Leslie Price and Family
Joseph Leslie Price, known as “Leslie,” with his wife Ida Blanche Edmonds and their two children. Their son, on Leslie’s lap, is still living (and so won’t be named). The little girl is Blanche Isabel Price. The photo was taken about 1918.

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Earl Stanley Price, Joe and Lizzie’s third child, with his wife Hazel Ailean MacFadyen (photo courtesy of Augustine Dickinson, a great grandson of theirs).

Learn more about Earl


Helen Price as a Young Woman
Helen Fredrica Price, Joe and Lizzie’s fourth child and wife of Harold Harber “Harley” Warner,
in a photo taken in the 1920s. She is my grandmother.

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Frances Price and William Arthur Rook
Frances Price with her husband-to-be, William Arthur “Art” Rook, in a photo taken in September 1923 at the wedding of her sister Helen

Learn more about Frances