William Arthur Rook was the son of William George Penrose Rook and Elizabeth Lucette Shearer. He was born in Toronto on August 2, 1896.

He married Frances Kathleen Buchanan Price in Toronto on November 1, 1924. For more information about their family, please refer to her page on this website.

He died in Burlington, Ontario on March 29, 1977, and is buried at Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Toronto. You can visit his grave here.


Art Rook and his future brother-in-law, Harley Warner, were army buddies during World War I. After the war, the worked together in the ladies’ undergarment business.

The two friends would marry two sisters. Art married Frances Price and Harley married Helen Price.

They would later become partners in a corset company, and were extremely successful for a while, but Harley’s alcoholism was a problem and Art eventually assumed control of the business.

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Art Rook and army buddy, Harley Warner, during World War I. Years later they would become brothers-in-law when Harley married Helen Warner and then Art married her sisters Frances Price.
Art Rook (front row, far right) and Harley Warner (front row, far left) with their comrades during World War I
Frances Price and William Arthur Rook
Art Rook and Frances Price at the wedding of Helen Price and Harley Warner (1923)
Frances Price and Art Rook
Art Rook (far right) with (left to right) Harley Warner, Frances Price, Helen Price (baby is grandniece Karen McTavish)
Frances Price and Art Rook