Third Generation: Hazel Price < Earl Stanley Price < Joseph Price

Hazel Price, daughter of Earl Stanley Price and Hazel Ailean MacFadyen, was born in Toronto on February 9, 1927, together with her twin sister, Margaret Ailean “Peg” Price.

Margaret was the healthy one and would go on to live for more than 70 years. Hazel was not. She suffered from a collapsed lung that prevented her from feeding. She died in Toronto on February 13, 1927, at the age of four days.

Ontario Death Records: entry for Hazel Price is on the far right (click to enlarge)

Little Hazel was buried in the grave of her paternal grandmother, Lizzie, at St. John’s Norway Cemetery in Toronto. Her name does not appear on the headstone.


There is some conflicting and clearly incorrect information on Hazel’s death record.

It says that she was born on February 16 and died on February 13 (three days before she was born!). It also says that the physician attended her from her birth until February 16 (three days after her death!).

The date of death — February 13 — appears twice on the form. We are assuming that to be correct. But the record also says that she died at the age of one day, meaning she would have been born on February 12. That can’t be correct because we also know – from other records – that Hazel’s twin sister Margaret was born on February 9. so Hazel must have also been born on February 9.


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